the mend

The Mend is a development project comprising four duplexes that blend nature into architecture, creating a tranquil atmosphere that enhances the user experience. This eco-friendly approach also creates ecosystems for local plant and animal life. Each unit includes a private outdoor space with a garden, and the offset common porches create a social realm that activates street life.

The green roof is a unique feature of The Mend that provides many benefits. It helps to absorb CO2, produce oxygen, improve air quality, reduce the heat island effect, and naturally absorb rainwater preventing runoff. The green roof is an excellent example of AVLV‘s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness in all their development projects.

Street and yard trees also play a significant role in enhancing the natural environment of The Mend. These trees absorb CO2, produce oxygen, improve air quality, and restore ecosystems with deciduous trees in street and various gardens. Additionally, these trees and gardens minimize solar heat gain, reduce the heat island effect, and provide shade and privacy during the summer months.

Discover the perfect blend of nature and architecture at The Mend. Contact us to learn more about these unique duplexes and  to make your next project more sustainable.




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